About the Company

PLANLUX – trailer tarpaulin and frame constructions producer

We are dynamically developing company established by highly experienced professionals. Our specialization is tarpaulin and tarpaulin frame constructions production. Facing growing market needs we constantly implement new production technologies. Thus we provide the highest quality of our services.

The finest quality of materials used in production is delivered by recognized and appreciated companies, both polish and foreign. Necessary certificates of our tarpaulins is the guarantee of safe and long-term use. Depending on your needs, we offer tarpaulins in wide range or RAL colors and various grammage of material to choose.

In order to satisfice our customers’ needs we are able to change every parameter of tarpaulin and frame construction. All to make final product the most customized as possible.

We invite you to take advantage of our offer.

About Company

Our offer

We invite you to take advantage of our offer.

Trailer tarpaulins

We produce trailer tarpaulins:

  • luggage trailer tarpaulins,
  • truck trailer tarpaulins,
  • special trailer tarpaulins,
  • box vans and trucks trailer tarpaulins.

In production of our tarpaulins are used materials of the highest quality, with thermal, tear and stretching resistance. The wide range of RAL colors is available.

Technical parameters of Planlux products are adapted to the specific customer needs. According to customer, we are able to change all technical specifications. What makes our offer unique is the possibility to combine many additional elements of construction. Our main advance is flexibility, so you can be sure, that our tarpaulin with frame will meet your exact needs.

The highest possible quality of our products is guaranteed by experienced specialists, who are taking care for every step of production process. Same we provide you with solution, that is prepared according to the order, with all the details.

Maintenance services / repair

We offer a wide range of services related to the maintenance and repair tarpaulin materials, for example:

  • heat-sealing of all kinds of tears in tarpaulins,
  • replacement of eyelets, straps and customs secure fastening ropes (including ropes ends terminating).

Only the highest quality equipment is used in repairs. Thus, we guarantee our customers long-term usage of fixed products.